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Acupressure & Massage

  • 1 hour
  • 45 British pounds
  • Station Road

Service Description

Acupressure is an ancient Chinese method of unblocking vital points and meridians by using the hands, fingers and physical kinetic energy to press deep into the points over the body, stimulating them and enabling them to flow correctly. Using the same science as Acupuncture, Acupressure uses physical touch instead of needles. Reflexology and Auricology are both micro-systems beneath the Acupressure umbrella.  This method of manual therapy brings balance to the body and boosts mental and physical well being. The role of Acupressure has been paramount in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is close to 5000 years old, and the fact that it is still in use today is a testimony to its effectiveness in the treatment of illness and pain. Acupressure predates Acupuncture by 2500 years and is essentially a method of sending a signal to the body (by needle or other means) to “turn on” its own self-healing or regulatory mechanisms. Normally, Qi (vital energy) circulates through natural pathways in the body called meridians. Blockage of this flow or an imbalance in yin and yang can cause illness and pain. Acupressure helps to correct functional imbalances and restore the flow thus returning the body to a more natural state of well-being.

Contact Details

  • Station Road, Birmingham B27 6DN, UK


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